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Abbott to cut Tasmanian infrastructure funding

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Campaign Media Release

Deputy Prime Minister Anthony Albanese


Tony Abbott’s infrastructure plan for Tasmania is a con.

Mr Abbott says he wants to be an “infrastructure Prime Minister”. But only last week his Transport spokesperson Warren Truss confirmed that the Coalition will cut infrastructure spending here in Tasmania by more than $280 million to help pay for Mr Abbott’s $70 billion of promises, including his extravagant, unfair and unaffordable paid parental leave scheme.

Nearly a third of these cuts will fall on the Midland Highway.

Despite three years of crocodile tears over the state of the Highway, as well as his often repeated promise to fully duplicate it, Mr Abbott is actually planning to spend $100 million less than Federal Labor fixing it up.

Worst still, he will scrap a range of much-needed projects that will:

 Deliver the next stage in the Freight Rail Revitalisation program,

including replacing approximately 290 kilometres of old tracks (Federal Labor’s contribution: $119.6 million).  Fix congestion and access issues at the Brooker Highway intersection

with Goodwood and Elwick roads as well as replace the existing Howard Road roundabout with traffic lights (Federal Labor’s contribution: $25.6 million).  Upgrade the intersection between the Huon Highway and Summerleas

Road (Federal Labor’s contribution: $17.5 million).  Install new on and off ramps at the Tasman Highway intersection with

the East Derwent Highway (Federal Labor’s contribution: $13 million).  Upgrade and widen the Channel Highway near Huonville, as well as

build new link roads and erect a new bridge over Skinners Creek (Federal Labor’s contribution: $7.5 million).  Finalise a business case for the Greater Hobart Light Rail project

(Federal Labor’s contribution $190,000).

When it comes to infrastructure, Mr Abbott is a pretender.

The fact is Australia already has a Prime Minister that believes in nation building infrastructure. Under Kevin Rudd’s leadership, this Federal Labor Government has doubled the roads budget, lifted investment in rail tenfold and committed more funding to urban public transport than all our predecessors since Federation combined.

Here in Tasmania, Federal Labor has almost doubled annual infrastructure spending from $146 to $270 per Tasmanian - real money for real projects which will make a real difference. Plus we have announced a comprehensive Jobs and Growth Plan and extra assistance for the State’s exporters.

The choice before Tasmanians is clear: if you want good infrastructure, then you’ve got to vote Labor on 7 September.


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Authorised by G. Wright, Australian Labor, 5/9 Sydney Avenue, Barton, ACT, 2600