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Joe Hockey and Andrew Robb's costings test

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Campaign Media Release

Campaign Spokesperson Penny Wong


Joe Hockey and Andrew Robb claim that they have had 200 policies costed by the Parliamentary Budget Office, yet they refuse to reveal them with just over a week to go until the election.

It is reported that Mr Hockey and Mr Robb will release their PPL costing this morning, with journalists allowed just 15 minutes to examine the documents.

Well, Mr Hockey and Mr Robb should release all of their PBO costings in full today - not a one-pager with a few numbers typed in, but all 200 PBO costings in full, including their assumptions.

These are the men who at the last election flatly lied to the Australian people about the state of the Liberals’ books, and who were exposed after polling day with an $11 billion black hole in their budget.

Mr Hockey and Mr Robb say they have 200 costings done and dusted. Why won't they release them?

The only possible reason for continuing to hide them is that they know Australians might think twice about voting for the Coalition if they came clean.

It's well time for Mr Hockey and Mr Robb to come clean with Australians and release all of their 200 PBO costings, in full.

28 AUGUST 2013

Communications Unit: T 03 8625 5111

Authorised by G. Wright, Australian Labor Party, 5/9 Sydney Avenue, Barton, ACT, 2600