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No one supports Direct Action - Dump it Mr Abbott

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Campaign Media Release

Minister for Climate Change Mark Butler


Greg Hunt has been caught out again on his claims about the Coalition’s so-called Direct Action Plan on climate change.

Mr Hunt has previously struggled to name a single credible supporter of the Plan and when pressed on radio program The Wire yesterday he, curiously, listed three Nobel laureates - Thomas Schelling, Finn Kydland and Vernon Smith.

The Wire went to the trouble of checking this out and the results are embarrassing for Mr Hunt. Here’s what Mr Schelling and Mr Kydland had to say about Direct Action:

“I’m puzzled that Mr Greg Hunt would cite me as a supporter of his program on direct action. Until you wrote your enquiry I’d never heard of direct action, let alone commented in support of it. Nor had I ever been in touch with Mr Hunt.”

- Tom Schelling

I’m not at all familiar with this so-called Direct Action plan. My only involvement in the “climate-change” arena was as a member of a panel organized by the Copenhagen Consensus Center to rank solutions to climate change based on our assessments of expert recommendations presented to the panel. So as no one involved with politics in Australia has spoken to me about these issues, the only sense in which one could possibly cite me would be in terms of what I said in my concluding printed remarks on our ranking.

- Finn Kydland

“There is one simple reason that Greg Hunt has to make false claims about who supports his and Mr Abbott’s Direct Action Plan - no one credible supports it,” Minister Butler said.

“The Coalition’s Direct Action Plan is an expensive joke and a fraud, which would end up costing Australian households $1200 every year without any chance of meeting our carbon pollution reduction targets.

“Mr Hunt needs to come clean about the Direct Action Plan, he can’t say how it will be funded, he can’t say how it will meet Australia’s emissions reduction targets and we now know he’s been misrepresenting the very people he claims support the policy.”


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