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Abbott's $10 billion schools cuts double whammy

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Campaign Media Release

Minister for Education Bill Shorten

Abbott’s $10 billion schools cuts double whammy

More than $8 billion in funding for schools is on the chopping block if Tony Abbott is elected, updated figures show. This is on top of the $1.2 billion he will rip away from families by cutting the Schoolkids Bonus.

The figures expose Mr Abbott’s cruel hoax that Federal Labor and the Coalition have the same commitment to school funding.

Under Mr Abbott:

 Schools right across the country would be worse off by $880,000 on average - this represents $2,000 less funding per student compared to Federal Labor’s Better Schools Plan.

 1.3 million families will have their Schoolkids Bonus cut.

Schools and families with school kids are in line to be hit with nearly $10 billion worth of Mr Abbott’s cuts because of Mr Abbott’s refusal to provide funding certainty beyond the next four years.

A typical family with two kids will also be $15,000 worse off over the period of their kids’ schooling if Mr Abbott becomes Prime Minister.

Mr Abbott says he can find $53 billion (over nine years) to fund his unaffordable paid parental leave scheme and to fully restore the private health insurance rebate.

It is now clear he will cut school funding and payments for families with kids at school to pay for his expensive, unaffordable and unfair signature policies.

Mr Abbott - your priorities are all wrong.

Mr Abbott’s cuts - totalling $8.3 billion - will hit schools in every state and territory:

 $2.8 billion cut from NSW schools, around $920,000 less on average per school

 $2.1 billion cut from Victorian schools, around $920,000 less on average per school.

 $2 billion cut from Queensland schools, around $1.2 million less on average per school.

 $570 million cut from WA schools, around $540,000 less on average per school.

 $460 million cut from SA schools, around $610,000 less on average per school.

 $200 million cut from Tasmanian schools, around $740,000 less on average per school.

 $35 million cut from ACT schools, around $270,000 less on average per school.

 $200 million cut from NT schools, around $1.1 million less on average per school.

Federal Labor wants to see our schools better funded - that’s exactly what our $15 billion Better Schools Plan will deliver if every state and territory signs up. It will mean an extra $1.6 million on average for every school over the next six years, money that can be invested in better resources and specialist staff to give students more individual attention.

This is how a school could use the $1.6 million being provided on average by Federal Labor:

 Hiring a highly accomplished teacher to support other teachers to improve their teaching and help implement the national curriculum  Establishing a middle years working group to improve literacy and numeracy, or student behaviour - staff capacity  Hiring an extra teachers’ aide to provide in class support and community liaison

across six years.  Replacing or purchasing 5 electronic white boards  Purchasing 3 class sets of tablets such iPads and providing support  Running a musical or arts program to drive student engagement each year  Purchasing ten sets of class resources to support the national curriculum, such

as equipment for science experiments  Running a homework club every year to support students learning who need it after school  Run a professional learning project each year across the six years to improve

leadership and student learning  Run a reward excursion each year for students that have high attendance or improved their behaviour

Overall, the Federal Labor Government has increased real education funding by 35 per cent since 2007-08.

And that’s not including the $16 billion Building the Education Revolution school infrastructure program which supported jobs in the face of the Global Financial Crisis and revitalised school facilities right around the country.

There is a stark choice at this election when it comes to education.

A vote for Federal Labor is a vote for a positive plan for Australian schools.

Mr Abbott’s plan will see billions cut from our schools and the ripping away of the Schoolkids Bonus.


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Authorised by G. Wright, Australian Labor Party, 5/9 Sydney Avenue, Barton, ACT, 2600