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The Coalition's growth plan for the Central Coast

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The Coalition’s Growth Plan for the Central Coast will strengthen the local economy with more jobs, more investment and better services.

This is a Growth Plan for the future. It improves roads, creates long-term jobs, invests in skills training, builds community and sports facilities, cleans up the environment and makes the streets safer.

While the Coalition will make the commute to Sydney easier by getting the F3 to M2 link underway, I want more jobs on the Central Coast so fewer people have to look elsewhere for jobs.

If elected, a Coalition government will locate a Commonwealth agency to the Central Coast and use it to drive local jobs growth.

The presence of government agencies in regional areas can have a strong, positive impact on the local economy. The location of a Commonwealth agency in Gosford will potentially provide 250 - 300 new jobs for the Central Coast.

We have to strengthen the local economy and create more jobs on the Central Coast - particularly as one in four people aged 15 to 19 are looking for work.

Our Growth Plan will provide at least $21 million of direct investment to the Central Coast. The construction of the F3 to M2 link, while not located on the Central Coast, will also provide a direct benefit to all residents of the region.

The Coalition’s Growth Plan for the Central Coast will:

 Build the F3 to M2 missing link;  Locate a Commonwealth agency in the Gosford CBD;  Invest $2.7 million to develop new local skills and a jobs centre on the Central Coast (including $2 million to develop Stage 2 of the Central Coast Group Training local skills and jobs incubator);

 Upgrade local roads including The Ridgeway Road, Jensens Road and black spots at Langford Drive and Woy Woy Road;  Invest $3.5 million for the redevelopment of Woy Woy Oval;  Kickstart the planned Central Coast Regional Sporting and Recreational Complex with $1 million for

land acquisition and planning studies; and  Clean up Tuggerah Lakes by providing $3.25 million towards regeneration of the Lakes.

The Central Coast community will also benefit from our national policies to:

 Scrap the carbon tax;  Cut the company tax rate by 1.5 per cent;  Improve mobile phone coverage through a $100 million commitment to cut black-spots in regional areas; and


 Provide $50 million to help local communities reinvigorate local shopping strips and precincts that have been impacted by anti-social and unlawful behaviour.

The Coalition has strong and trustworthy local candidates in Lucy Wicks and Karen McNamara.

I congratulate Karen and Lucy on their work bringing together this important regional plan.

It is only by choosing change and voting for your local Liberal candidates that residents on the Central Coast can be certain they will get a better government and a stronger country.

The Coalition’s Growth Plan for the Central Coast is part of our commitment to build a stronger Australia and a better future - for all Australians.

27 August 2013