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"Abbott's secret fightback plan": Coalition finance spokesperson sitting on plan for cuts

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Campaign Media Release

Campaign Spokesperson Penny Wong


The Coalition’s Finance spokesperson Andrew Robb has been thrust into the centre of the political debate today with revelations he had the Coalition’s detailed costings completed over a year ago.

Alan Kohler reports today in the Business Spectator that the Coalition is sitting on a detailed written plan, including their cuts, coordinated by Mr Robb - the man responsible for John Hewson’s Fightback! plan.

It’s no wonder Mr Robb was overlooked for the campaign spokesperson position given he knows more about the Coalition’s secret plans than they want to reveal.

The same Business Spectator article also cites a “senior shadow minister” at the Australian Leadership Retreat on Hayman Island as saying “it isn’t policy that wins elections, it’s politics.” Abbott’s Secret Fightback Plan, Business Spectator, 26 August 2013

Mr Abbott’s continued refusal to come clean on when his cuts will be released suggests his hidden plans might never see the light of day until after the election.

If Mr Abbott wins this election, only then might the covers be dusted off “Fightback II” and the cuts start across health, education, jobs and infrastructure.

Fightback! the original version included:  A $10 billion in cuts.

 A 15 per cent GST.

 Radical changes to industrial relations.

 Stripping back Medicare.

It is a simple proposition on September 7: if Mr Abbott wins, Australian families lose.

26 AUGUST 2013

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