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No "New Way", just more Sussex Street smears

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Authorised and printed by Brian Loughnane, Cnr Blackall and Macquarie Sts BARTON ACT 2600

Media Release

Senator the Hon George Brandis QC Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate Shadow Attorney-General Shadow Minister for the Arts

Monday 26 August 2013

No “New Way”, just more Sussex Street smears Labor has today again engaged in the old politics of smear with its attack on Liberal candidate for McMahon, Ray King. Mr King has a decorated 44-year career in the New South Wales Police force, having held the positions of Cabramatta and Fairfield police commander.

This afternoon Labor’s Sussex Street smear machine again claimed Mr King was a ‘good mate’ of Roger Rogerson.

This is wrong. The truth is:

- Mr King worked in the New South Wales Police at the same time as Mr Rogerson in the 1980s. On only one occasion did their paths cross and Mr King has had no association with Mr Rogerson since then.

- Like hundreds of other police officers, Mr King provided evidence to the Wood Royal Commission.

- No adverse findings were made against Mr King by the Royal Commission. In the same year as his Royal Commission appearance he was awarded the Peter Mitchell Award for Most Outstanding Detective in New South Wales Police.

- Mr King was subsequently promoted three times under Labor Governments, finishing his career as local area commander.

Mr Rudd’s ‘A New Way’ is the same old Sussex Street smear.

Unlike Mr King, New South Wales Labor has been tainted by its links to corrupt former Ministers Eddie Obeid and Ian Macdonald.

This is not the first time that Sussex Street has engaged in a smear campaign. These tactics are standard operating procedure for New South Wales Labor. Its former secretary, Sam Dastyari, who is now running Mr Rudd’s campaign, was today given a Senate seat.

Authorised and printed by Brian Loughnane, Cnr Blackall and Macquarie Sts BARTON ACT 2600

As former Labor MP Maxine McKew said of Dastyari and Sussex Street smears:

“The Sussex Street game plan, as outlined by Dastyari, was to discredit Alexander from the get-go, to get in early with what is known in the trade as a shit sheet...”

“I didn’t know whether to weep or laugh. I started by pointing to the obvious. That it was a crude piece of propaganda that could soon be negated by a High Court judgement... But Sussex Street had already anticipated this and their answer was a beauty: Don’t worry. All you have to do is create a bit of doubt...”

“What was being suggested was from the dark arts box of tricks but it was standard operating procedure... I left Sussex Street that day thinking a couple of things. The party in New South Wales was led by people who had no qualms about running an accusatory personal campaign...”

“And the bottom line for me, after the Dastyari-Thistlethwaite pitch, was a revulsion against being turned into an attack dog with a tawdry charge sheet on an opponent. This was the best that the brains trust of the NSW ALP could come up with? And it would be orchestrated by a couple of jokers half my age with a glib answer for everything and a political horizon that didn’t extend beyond the walls of their own offices?”

(Maxine McKew - Tales from the Political Trenches pp 212-214)

It’s about time that Mr Rudd continued his process of claimed reform of the New South Wales Labor Party by expelling those responsible for this vicious attempt to denigrate a man who has served his state and nation with distinction.

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