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You can't trust Abbott on costings

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"Unlike Tony Abbott, the Greens are complying with the Charter of Budget Honesty submitting our election announcements to the independent Parliamentary Budget Office during the election period," Australian Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne said.

"We helped establish the PBO because Australians deserve accountability and transparency when it comes to policy promises at election time. With only two weeks left to go, Tony Abbott still hasn’t released one PBO costing for any of his polices.

"In contrast, as the more economically responsible party, the Greens have submitted 43 policies to the PBO for costing during the caretaker period with more to come.

"We have a costed election platform to raise more money from those that can afford to pay so we can invest in education, research and development, lift single parents and job seekers out of poverty, and protect the environment. So what is Abbott hiding?

"If he can’t be open and honest with Australians during an election campaign, imagine what will happen if he gets absolute control of the parliament.

"The only way to stop the excesses of an Abbott government is to have a strong Greens voice in the Senate after the 7th of September.”

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