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Transcript of interview with Kieran Gilbert: Sky News: 25 August 2013: Coalition Campaign Launch

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Media Release

Senator Mathias Cormann Shadow Assistant Treasurer Shadow Minister for Financial Services and Superannuation Coalition Campaign Spokesman

Sunday 25 August 2013

Interview with Kieran Gilbert, Sky News - Coalition Campaign Launch

Subjects: Coalition Campaign Launch



And we saw in the speech as well Tony Abbott talking about the commitment to get the surplus back to 1% of GDP within the decade. With us to chat about that now we have got Mathias Cormann, the Shadow Assistant Treasurer. It seems like the timelines are being pushed back a bit Senator Cormann. Is that a fair sense that you want to see the numbers before you commit to any short term return to surplus? You are saying that you will be heading in the direction of a surplus, a believable surplus, by the end of the first term. That was as far as he was willing to go?


Well what we had from Tony Abbott today was a real plan for change. A real plan for a stronger economy, for more jobs, for a safer more secure Australia. It is a realistic plan. It is a plan that we can deliver and as Dennis was saying earlier, we have got both the short term deliverables, the action plan, the things that we can do on day one, in the first 100 days, over the first term and of course we did want to set out today our longer term positive vision for Australia. That is what Tony Abbott did.


A message of reassurance as well, wasn’t it? That he is up to the job, that the Coalition’s up to it and was very much using the language of being competent, being trustworthy. That was the overall theme, wasn’t it?


Over the last six years we have had chaos, we’ve had dysfunction, we’ve had division, we’ve had a very incompetent Government. Of course a key message today was that Australia cannot afford another three years like the six years we have just had. In Tony Abbott we’ve got a very experienced alternative Prime Minister. We have got somebody who has led a very strong and united team in Opposition. We’ve got a team which is very experienced - 16 of his shadow Ministers were part of a successful Howard Government. What we are promising to the Australian people is a return to stable, mature, competent Government.


Is it believable to have all the optimism and the positivity of today from Tony Abbott when he has been so fiercely negative throughout the minority Government?


Tony Abbott has a very positive vision for Australia. Of course over the last six years it has been our job to hold the worst Government in Australia’s history to account. It is very hard to be positive when you have a responsibility to point out all of the flaws in the Government that is currently there. There is no doubt that if Tony Abbott is given the opportunity by the Australian people he will be a very positive - he will be a fine Prime Minister for Australia


And his daughters to introduce him, that did come as a bit of a surprise?


This is Tony Abbott the man. This is Tony Abbott the husband, father. There are many facets to Tony Abbott. I guess what people across Australia can see is that Tony Abbott is a well-rounded person. He is somebody with the experience, but also with the character and the integrity - all of the background that comes with it - that will make him a very good Prime Minister for Australia.


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