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A generation of deep cuts confirmed

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Campaign Media Release

Campaign Spokesperson Mark Dreyfus


In a single line, Tony Abbott has confirmed what Australians can expect under a Coalition Government: deep cuts for a decade.

And Mr Abbott has failed to come clean on where these cuts will be coming from, continuing to hide his intentions from the Australian people.

In Mr Abbott’s policy launch speech, he offered this new promise:

‘… each year, government will be a smaller percentage of our economy.’

Yet in the very same breath Mr Abbott confirmed his hugely expensive spending promises, including:

 $22 billion for an unfair and unaffordable paid parental leave scheme, and  $8 billion for the abolition of the private health insurance rebate means test

This presents a very serious risk to Australian families.

To deliver both smaller government while increasing government expenditure in these two areas alone means vicious cuts to come if Mr Abbott is elected.

This means that Mr Abbott is no longer just destined to make big cuts to fund his election commitments, he is on track now to deliver huge cuts for a generation.

Make no mistake, his commitment to shrinking government, each year, can only be achieved by deep, and ongoing, cuts to schools, health, infrastructure and jobs.

Mr Abbott also made $385 million of new recurrent spending commitments over the forward estimates.

True to form, the new announcements are unfunded and do not have any detailed costing information attached.

What this all comes down to is the fact that Mr Abbott refuses to tell the Australian people how it is going to add up.

This nation deserve better than an Opposition determined to hide their cuts from the Australian people until it is too late.