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New high tech tower monitor's Adelaide's skies

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Campaign Media Release

Deputy Prime Minister Anthony Albanese


Adelaide Airport is now home to a new, state of the art air traffic control tower which will keep planes and their passengers safe in the air and on the ground, following the official opening today.

Standing at 44 metres tall, the tower, built and operated by Airservices Australia, is twice the height of the former tower and provides a 290-360 degree view from south-west to east-west to enable line of sight to the existing runway and surrounding airside areas.

The new Adelaide Airport Tower is a generational change in providing air traffic control services and is fitted out with the latest technology that sees digital, touch-screen air traffic control consoles replace the traditional ‘paper strips’ used around the world.

The tower also combines flight and operational data, surveillance and voice communications into a single integrated system, which will result in improvements to safety and efficiency.

Adelaide is Australia’s fastest growing capital city airport for international travel and is already handling over 7 million passengers a year. The tower will enable the safe management of air traffic at Adelaide for many years to come.

Airservices Australia is investing nearly $1 billion over five years in air navigation, surveillance, air traffic management, aviation rescue and fire-fighting projects.

Adelaide is one of four new towers being constructed by Airservices Australia, with Melbourne, Broome and Rockhampton airports also receiving new facilities. The remaining 24 towers around Australia are receiving upgrades and refurbishments.

The construction of these facilities will equip Australia with world class aviation infrastructure for the future, helping us to deliver on our highest aviation priority - safety.


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