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Policy to ensure a fair go for producers and small business retailers

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Policy to ensure a fair go for producers and small business retailers 23-August-2013 Senator Bridget McKenzie -

Nationals Victorian Senator Bridget McKenzie said the Coalition’s review of competition law would ensure a fair go for producers and retailers.

Senator McKenzie and The Nationals Victorian Senate candidate Marty Corboy this week heard from Victorian business owners and discussed competition concerns.

"We have heard the Labor Government carbon tax has had a significant impact on local businesses,’’ Senator McKenzie said

A Coalition Government would implement a suite of initiatives to address the concerns of small businesses including the development of a code governing the relationship between suppliers, processors and supermarkets.

‘‘The review of the Competition and Consumer Act and the development of a code will go a long way to ensure profitability throughout the supply chain,’’ Senator McKenzie said.

Senator McKenzie said competition law had not been reviewed in more than 20 years and it was time to re-examine competition law to ensure a fair go for producers, processors, retailers and consumers.

‘‘Our primary producers deserve appropriate market prices for their goods and independent retailers need to be able to compete,’’ she said.

‘’Consumers also deserve real choice and the knowledge that Australian producers are receiving a good price.’’

Other issues discussed included the Coalition’s policies to reduce red tape by $1 billion a year and to cut the company tax rate.

Senator McKenzie said the Coalition was committed to backing small businesses in regional areas as key economic drivers underpinning growth and providing jobs.