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Transcript of interview with David Koch and Samantha Armytage: Sunrise Channel 7: 23 August 2013: Syria; Prime Minister and make-up artist; polls; Coalition's double tax

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Campaign Transcript


E & O E - PROOF ONLY _____________________________________________________________

Subjects: Syria; Prime Minister and make-up artist; Polls; Coalition’s double tax. _____________________________________________________________

ARMYTAGE: To discuss the situation in Syria we’re going to bring in our Big Guns of Politics. First to you Chris, what do you make of these reports of chemical warfare?

BOWEN: This is a terrible thing, a terrible thing. We’ve had 100,000 people die in Syria already and the reports of chemical weapons are just deplorable, unacceptable. I know a lot of people from Syria, a lot of people where I live come from Syria and I’ve been talking to them about their brothers and sisters, their cousins in places like Aleppo and Damascus who are still there.

Many people sought refuge in Syria from other places in the Middle East like Iraq when they were forced out of there. This is a humanitarian crisis - yes. We will condemn, obviously in the strongest possible terms any use of chemical weapons and the international community really needs to come together and really take some action here.

KOCH: And Joe, we’re on the Security Council aren’t we? We’ve got to play tough with this.

HOCKEY: Oh of course, when chemical weapons are used against your own people they can be used in other circumstances. If the Syrian Government has nothing to hide they should open the doors for the UN officials to go in there. And this is a test for Syria, if they say these events occurred because of the activities

of the rebels then they’ve got nothing to hide by opening the doors. So the UN now need to properly report on it and then the world needs to respond accordingly.

KOCH: Okay, let’s focus back on the election campaign. Only two weeks to go.

Kevin Rudd has copped a grilling from a makeup artist on the night of the debate. She posted on Facebook he was the rudest client she’s ever had. The comment was later taken down. Joe, you know Kevin, does it prove that the Kevin we see on camera, isn’t the Kevin we see off camera?

HOCKEY: Well I think how you treat people privately reflects what you really think of them publically. You can have all the smiles and happiness and public displays, but if you treat people poorly in your own life privately than it says everything.

KOCH: - You know him, does this surprise you?


ARMYTAGE: He said he -

HOCKEY: - Well, it’s a pattern of behaviour, isn’t it? I mean, you had the way he treated the crew on the aircraft, the Government plane, you saw that video of when he was screaming at the camera when he was previously Prime Minister and going off at his staff, you also have the way he treated the Chief of Defence when he became Prime Minister and left the Chief of Defence and the head of ASIO sitting in his office reception for hours and hours and hours.

And you had a third of his Cabinet colleagues say there’s no way they would ever work with him again. So it’s not a one off.

ARMYTAGE: Well he said he was going into the zone before the debate and he doesn’t like being in make-up? How do you handle make-up Chris?

HOCKEY: Well you and I wear make-up every day, you know even before we go out together.

BOWEN: Before we go out together? Yeah. Look lets deal with the fact here. This election will be decided on the big issues. I know Kevin Rudd very well. He treats every one with respect in my experience. He treats all his staff with respect, he treats everyone he works with - with respect, he asks after our family, checks on how we’re going. He’s a good man.

Now when you’re getting ready for a debate, sometimes you know, when we’re coming on here, I’m sure Joe’s more talkative than other times, down in the

make-up room, sometimes he’s thinking about what he’s going to say on the show and other times he’s very chatty.

HOCKEY: - I’m not rude to people though.

BOWEN: - And neither is Kevin.

KOCH: Let's move on to the latest poll, the Guardian-Lonergan poll has Mr Rudd's vote at 48%, two-party preferred. While the Liberal candidate Bill Glasson is ahead of Mr Rudd with 52%. Chris, is Kevin at risk of losing his own seat? BOWEN: No seat is taken for granted. No seat. There is not a safe seat in Australia. I know Kevin takes his seat very, very seriously and he works it very hard. He will be fighting to earn every last vote as we all are, as we all are. Earning every last vote in our electorate. Every MP, Labor or Liberal who thinks they’ve got this election sewn up in their electorate deserves to be dealt with by their electorate. They’ve got to go out and earn every vote.

ARMYTAGE: What are you hearing, Joe, from Bill Glasson in that electorate?

HOCKEY: Well, Bill Glasson’s a damn fine man, he’s a former head of the AMA. He’s a doctor. He’s one of the most respected doctors in Australia and he is a good guy, he’s a good local. Leave it up to the electorate to decide, but it's the policies that matter. You know, Ford have stood down their workforce because of the Government’s announced changes to FBT.

People's jobs are going because of the Government’s decisions, so let's talk about those sorts of things because they are affecting people lives right now. The only way to save the Ford jobs is to have a change of government.

BOWEN: I agree, Joe, it’s the policies that matter. Let's talk about your policy of slugging retirees and self-funded superannuants to pay for your overly-expensive Paid Parental Leave Scheme.

HOCKEY: Completely wrong. BOWEN: A thousand dollars a year if you’ve got 500,000 in shares. How’s it wrong? How’s it wrong? You understand franking and you’re double-taxing Australia’s investors.

HOCKEY: That is completely wrong. BOWEN: How is it wrong?

HOCKEY: Well, I’ll tell you for a start, we are getting rid of the carbon tax, we’re getting rid of the mining tax. We’re giving people -

BOWEN: - No, no.

HOCKEY: No, you said retirees are going to be worse off.

BOWEN: They are HOCKEY: They are going to be significantly better off because we have put in place a suite of measures that actually make the economy stronger, deliver job security and deliver prosperity. BOWEN: That is your normal bluff and bluster because you are going to double tax Australian investors. You are the one double taxing Australian investors.

HOCKEY: That’s complete rubbish.

BOWEN: That is your policy.

HOCKEY: Hang on, you hit superannuation with $9 billion of additional taxes. BOWEN: You’re going to charge this tax twice. The company pays it and then the investors pays it. HOCKEY: This is what happens when you get into policy.

(laughs) KOCH: Great debate, we love this sort of stuff.

ARMYTAGE: I wanted to ask Chris how Sydney Airport hasn't paid any tax back for ten years? BOWEN: Well that is a good question. Joe and I were just talking about it. I think it’s one thing the Shadow Treasurer and the Treasurer would agree with in the Caretaker period.

KOCH: $100 for 15 minutes of parking and they don’t pay any tax. HOCKEY: More than that. KOCH: Thank you for that. Mate, keep it going! Two weeks!

HOCKEY: Two weeks! Woohoo! Australia is cheering us on. KOCH: Like the Melbourne Cup! ARMYTAGE: I love Joe's Woohoo! KOCH: Seven News headlines are next…


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