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Abbott tells Abetz to shut up about IR plans

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Campaign Media Release

Minister for Workplace Relations Bill Shorten


WorkChoices warrior Eric Abetz has been told to shut up about the Coalition's plans to change IR laws by Tony Abbott.

After revealing yesterday that the Coalition plans to rip away negotiated pay rises from hard working Australians, Mr Abetz issued a statement explaining there was ''nothing new canvassed''.

According to newspaper reports today, Mr Abetz has been banned from doing any more interviews by Mr Abbott and the Liberal Party.

That’s because Mr Abbott and the Liberal Party are desperately trying to hide their plans to cut pay and conditions, like penalty rates, if elected September 7.

It follows Mr Abbott 's admission just two days ago that when it comes to workplace relations “there are all sorts of changes that we will be making”.

According to Eric Abetz, Mr Abbott and the Liberals want to determine if a pay rise negotiated between an employer and their employees is fair.

If the Liberal Party is elected on 7 September, workers would have to convince Mr Abbott that they deserve a pay rise.

The Liberals have never argued for a pay increase or to protect the conditions of working Australians.

Mr Abbott was a member of a Government than inflicted the brutality of WorkChoices on the Australian people.

Mr Abetz has refused to debate Labor on workplace relations and his ban on media interviews means one of the most senior Liberals is now deep undercover, along with his IR policy.

Mr Abbott has a responsibility to outline exactly what changes he will make to IR laws if he is given the chance after September 7.

Mr Abbott’s record speaks for itself - he was a cheerleader for WorkChoices, and later described it as one of the “greatest achievements of the Howard Government” (House of Reps, 13 August 2009)

What is becoming clearer by the day is that if Tony Abbott wins the election, Australian workers will lose.