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Labor delays Cooroy to Curra four lane upgrade again

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Labor delays Cooroy to Curra four lane upgrade again

24th April, 2013

Prime Minister Gillard’s Julia-come-lately announcement of ten year funding for Bruce Highway projects will disappointment all motorists awaiting completion of the remaining sections of the Cooroy to Curra four lane upgrade.

“Today’s announcement pushes completion of the four laning to Gympie way out beyond 2025. Labor clearly has no plan, no idea and no commitment to finish the full Cooory to Curra upgrade any time soon,” Mr Truss said.

“The best Labor can do is announce yet more planning studies for Section C, which extends the four lanes from Traveston Road to Gympie, and Section D, which bypasses Gympie. Planning for these sections began seven years ago!

“It is appalling that in spite of all of this time and all of the accidents, Labor has committed no money to build Sections C and D during the next ten years,” Mr Truss said.

“The former Coalition Government committed to complete the entire four lane project by 2020. But Labor junked this timetable and it still refuses to name a completion target date or allocate the funds to complete the Cooroy to Curra project,” Mr Truss said.

“Labor’s failure to fund construction of the remaining sections means that motorists will have to endure changing road conditions, changing speed limits and changing road quality for years and years to come - all while traffic volumes continue to rise.

“The Cooroy to Curra project has never been a priority for Labor and today’s announcement demonstrates that it never will be.

“In 2008, the former Rudd Government only agreed to provide funding for Section B, which goes around the non-existent Traveston Crossing dam, to bail the former Bligh Government out of the cost of diverting the road around a dam that will never be built.

“Last year, Labor announced that construction would begin on Section A early this year. The only reason that an agreement was reached for funding Section A, which extends the four lanes from Cooroy to Sankey’s Road, was because the new LNP State Government prioritised and fast tracked funding to get it started,” Mr Truss said.

“For almost seven years, the Coalition has called on the Gillard Government to establish a timetable and commit funding to complete the full Cooroy to Curra upgrade. It is disgraceful that Labor has again failed to do so in its latest ten year funding plan.”