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Coalition confusion during question time

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Tuesday, 25 June, 2013


The Coalition made a mockery of question time today by making a number of fundamental errors that will only serve to encourage more people to undertake a dangerous boat journey to Australia.

Bonner MP Ross Vasta committed the biggest howler after taking a bum steer from the Member for Cook and “reminding” Minister O’Connor the Government had removed families from Manus Island.

ROSS VASTA: I remind the Minister of the Government’s decision to remove families from the Manus Island processing centre… Question time - 25 June 2013

The Member for Bonner and the Leader of the Opposition shot a death stare toward the Member for Cook when the Minister advised the House not only had that decision not been taken, but families remain on Manus Island.

After question time, the Member for Cook tried to back-pedal - and missed a division in the House - during a rambling press conference.

SCOTT MORRISON: There was no suggestion today that all the families were already off Manus Island. Doorstop - 25 June 2013

No amount of back-pedalling can cover up the Coalition’s lies on border protection. Mr Morrison has a track record of saying and doing anything to encourage more boats to undertake the dangerous voyage to Australia.

In April, he peddled lies about the Government being unable to transfer people to regional processing centres.

SCOTT MORRISON: When I was on Manus Island I was advised by the PNG Immigration service that transfers had been suspended. That advice was confirmed to me by the Chief Migration Officer through my office this week when the Minister himself denied the fact that transfers had been suspended.

Doorstop - 15 March 2013

Mr Morrison’s lies have been exposed by the fact that there have been 15 planeloads of asylum seekers to the Manus Island regional processing centre.

Whether it’s a doorstop, during question time, or ‘peddling’ error-riddled media releases, Mr Morrison just can’t get it right.

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