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Transcript of joint interview with Howard Sattler: 6PR Drive: 11 october 2012: Comments made at the CFMEU Dinner, Tony Abbott, Julia Gillard

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Deputy Leader of the Opposition and Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade

Julie Bishop

6PR Drive with Howard Sattler


Subjects: Comments made at the CFMEU Dinner, Tony Abbott, Julia Gillard E&OE…… HOWARD SATTLER Hi Julie. JULIE BISHOP Hi Howard, how are you? HOWARD SATTLER On the same basis that the people you’re calling, supposedly, should have left the event at the University of Sydney, shouldn’t have those Minister’s also left the event in Canberra, the CFMEU dinner last night? JULIE BISHOP Absolutely, otherwise the Labor Minister’s have utterly failed the test they set for others. They said that it was unacceptable for members of the Coalition to be present at the Alan Jones dinner at the Sydney University Liberal Club when he made the offensive remark. Labor said if those Members didn’t leave, then they were giving tacit endorsement to the offensive remarks by Alan Jones. HOWARD SATTLER Well your colleagues couldn’t have known what Alan Jones was going to say, but on the same basis could the Labor Member’s of Parliament and the Minister’s last night have known what this comedian was going to do? JULIE BISHOP Well when the offensive remark was made about Tony Abbott’s female chief of staff, in the presence of Labor Ministers, not only did they not walk out, they stayed, enjoyed the evening. Wayne Swan went on and made a speech. It just shows that these charges of sexism are being used for purely political purposes. HOWARD SATTLER But this morning you say there’s no room for those kind of comments. Does he clear his reputation there? JULIE BISHOP I’m sorry, who said that? HOWARD SATTLER Wayne Swan, this morning after the event, said there’s no place for those kinds of comments. He said I made that clear to the union this morning, not last night. JULIE BISHOP Indeed. So they’ve failed the test that they set for others. They said that if members didn’t walk out during Alan Jones speech then they were endorsing the offensive remarks, that it was unacceptable. Not only did Wayne Swan stay to enjoy the night, he went on to make a speech. HOWARD SATTLER After the comedian. JULIE BISHOP Indeed. It’s a confected campaign. Labor are not outraged by the sexist remarks. They’ve tacitly endorsed them. Never again, can the Prime Minister or any of the Labor Party claim they outraged by sexist comments. Not after this event, certainly not after they’ve voted to endorse the comments by the Member for Fisher.