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38 Defence reviews in just four years

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38 Defence reviews in just four years 08/09/11

Since coming to government almost four years ago, Labor has initiated a staggering 38 reviews into the Department of Defence costing tax payers at least $10m.

Shadow Minister for Defence Science, Technology and Personnel, Stuart Robert, said the Labor Government was governing by review and more interested in survival than fulfilling the responsibilities of high office.

'Let's be clear here, these 38 reviews have all been initiated by Defence Portfolio Ministers and does not take into account the plethora of internal, departmentally initiated reviews,' Mr Robert said.

'It is all very well that the Defence Minister wants more accountability from his department, but does he really expect anything to change when the Government he is a part of has ensured the Defence Department is in a constant state of organisational change, busy responding to review, after review, after review.'

Mr Robert said tax payers had been left to foot the $10m bill for the 38 reviews, but stressed the costs were likely to be much higher than publicly available figures revealed.

'Labor Governments have, since coming to office in 2007, spent at least $10m of tax payer's money on reviews into the Department of Defence, largely to tell us what we already knew,' Mr Robert said.

'In reality this number is likely to be more than $20m as successive Labor Governments have failed to make public the costs of some reviews, such as the base security review, while we are still awaiting the recommendations of at least nine ongoing reviews.'

'Part of the reason for the sheer number of reviews can be attributed to Labor's procession of Defence Portfolio Ministers whose default position is to commission another review in lieu of actually trying to develop any policy knowledge themselves.'

'The simple fact is that 38 reviews in four years is symptomatic of a government that has no Defence or National Security credentials and which is attempting to review its way out of this glaring deficiency.'

Review Cost

Review of the Defence Capability Plan NOT PUBLISHED Review of Defence preparedness, personnel and operating costs NOT PUBLISHED

Review of Defence logistics NOT PUBLISHED

Review of the Defence estate NOT PUBLISHED

Review of the Defence workforce NOT PUBLISHED

Review of the Defence industry capacity NOT PUBLISHED Review of Defence information and NOT PUBLISHED

communications technology Review of Defence science and technology NOT PUBLISHED Review of Australia's air combat capability $101,384

Defence White Paper 2009 - Associated Reviews


Report of the Independent Review on the Health of the Reformed Military Justice System $850,000

2008 Audit of the Defence Budget (Pappas Review) $5,434,337 Going to the next level: the report of the Defence procurement and sustainment review (Mortimer Review)


Review by Defence of the determination for generating a 'Hot Issues Briefs' NOT PUBLISHED Review of mental health care in the ADF and beyond (Dunt Review)


Review into the Australian Defence Force Cadet Scheme $352,217 Independent Audit: the Implementation of the DFRT determinations for Special Forces Pay (Baker Review)


Force Protection Review $100,000

Base security review NOT PUBLISHED

Review of Defence capability planning information (Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI)) $161,000

Review of the Defence Accountability Framework (Black Review)


Review of the Reporting of Defects (RODUMs) with Australian Defence Force (ADF) Personal Equipment and Combat Clothing (Whalan Review)


Review of decisions made under the Weapons of Mass Destruction (Prevention of Proliferation) Act 199 $63,000

Review of Woomera Protected Area (Hawke Review) NOT PUBLISHED Brady Review into the disposition of Defence's non-operational overseas personnel and positions


MRH-90 Helicopter Review NOT PUBLISHED

Review of the Repair and management of the amphibious and support ship fleet (Rizzo Review) NOT PUBLISHED

Review of Defence APS Women's Leadership Pathways


Review into the Treatment of Women in the NOT PUBLISHED

Australian Defence Force Academy Use of alcohol in the ADF NOT PUBLISHED

Impact of social media on Defence NOT PUBLISHED

Review of the management of complaints NOT PUBLISHED Review of allegations of sexual or other abuse NOT PUBLISHED

Review of Policies Governing ADF Personal Conduct NOT PUBLISHED Review into civilian access to Garden Island NOT PUBLISHED Force Posture Review [Hawke Review] NOT PUBLISHED Problems with Collins Class (Coles Review) NOT PUBLIS