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Look at Coalition's record on parliamentary reform

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Christine Milne

Australian Senate Australian Greens Leader

media release

Wednesday 30 January 2013 Look at Coalition’s record on parliamentary reform “Tony Abbott’s proposals for parliamentary reform ring hollow when you recall what the Howard Government did when it had control of both houses of parliament,” said Australian Greens Leader, Senator Christine Milne. “Mr Abbott was a senior minister in the Howard Government when it took an axe to parliamentary processes in 2004. “Destroying the integrity of the Senate Committees made it far harder for elected representatives to critically examine important issues and legislation.” Australian needs revenue, not just savings The Prime Minister needs to work with the Greens to find more revenue to invest in improving people’s lives, rather than only looking for savings, the Australian Greens said today. “Business leaders, economists, community groups and international experts have all repeatedly said that Australia needs to find more streams of revenue if we’re going to be able to invest in better and fairer schools, publicly funded dental care, high speed rail, lifting Newstart and other important steps to take pressure off people’s lives,” said Australian Greens Leader, Senator Christine Milne. “Instead of always looking to cut programs that help people, and leaving multi-billion subsidies to massively profitable companies intact, it’s time the Labor Party stood up to big business lobbyists and asked them to pay their fair share. “The mining industry made $70 billion before tax in profit in the 2011/12 financial year, and benefited from $2 billion on fuel subsidies - when is the Prime Minister going to stop protecting the profits of overseas shareholders whilst cutting services to Australians?” Contact Alexandra Lamb on 0437 587 562