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Where is the funding for the new Cyber Security Centre?

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Shadow Minister for Defence Science, Technology and Personnel Stuart Robert

Where is the funding for the new Cyber Security Centre?


Today’s announcement by the Prime Minister that she will open an Australian Cyber Security Centre contained even less detail than her national security statement and the Defence White Paper combined.

Shadow Minister for Defence Science, Technology and Personnel, Stuart Robert, said the Prime Minister’s announcement was more about appearances than substance.

‘The Prime Minister continues to repeat that there is no more important role for government than keeping the nation safe, yet at the same time continues to rip money from the Defence budget,’ Mr Robert said.

‘It’s as if the Prime Minister thinks that repeating the words there is nothing more important than national security will magically result in a safer Australia.’

Mr Robert said the announcement today lacked any detail regarding how the new Australian Cyber Security Centre will be funded, staffed and who will run it.

‘We know there is a cyber-threat, but quite frankly we don’t know how the Prime Minister is going to combat that threat,’ Mr Robert said.

‘Today’s announcement contained no details what so ever. There were no details about the costs involved or the required funding. There were no details about where the Cyber Centre will be built, how many more public servants will be hired and no indication as to who will even be responsible for running the Cyber Centre.’

‘Given the lack of detail I find it hard to believe the Cyber Centre will be fully up and running by the end of this year. What we had today was a political announcement that just so happened to be located in the Defence Signals Directorate.’

Mr Robert said it should always be remembered that when it comes to national security, the budget or even the carbon tax, you should always look at what the Prime Minister does, not what she says.

‘Despite the Prime Minister and senior Labor Ministers promising on at least 38 occasion to increase the Defence budget by three per cent, the Prime Minister has cut the Defence budget to its lowest level since 1938,’ Mr Robert said.

‘The Prime Minister is fond of saying the most important job for government is creating a secure Australia, but how can that be when she has cut over $25 billion from the Defence budget and altogether failed to secure the nation’s borders.’

‘Julia Gillard has to be judged on her record rather than on what she says. Labor can’t be trusted to safeguard Australia’s national security.’