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Coalition offers better vision for infrastructure

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Shadow Minister for Privatisation and Public Administration Acting Shadow Minister for Industry, Commerce, Infrastructure and Customs COALITION OFFERS BETTER VISION FOR INFRASTRUCTURE

Deputy Prime Minister Howe is right when he says that the biggest challenge facing the ALP is how to encourage increased investment in national infrastructure.

Under Labor national infrastructure spending has declined as a share of national income.

However, Mr Howe is part of the problem. His own faction advocates an end to tile Government's privatisation program and instead seeks to Wild intrastructure spending through increased public borrowing.

This would only place increased upward pressure on interest rates. In turn, this would act to discourage further private sector investment in infrastructure. Mr Howe 's only alternative appears to be to increase taxes.

In contrast, the Coalition through the Linking Australia initiative, has given a clear commitment to a program that will devote a proportion of the proceeds of its privatisation program to increase spending on national infrastructure. The remainder will be. used to retire debt reducing pressure on interest rates.

Through Linking Australia the Coalition is committed to working cooperatively with the private sector to encourage vital new investment in key areas of national infrastructure including roads, rail and communications networks.

The Coalition's policy towards infrastructure recognises the essential link between investment in national infrastructure and private sector productivity. Combined with the commitment to boost Australia's level of national savings this will help to build a more_ internationally competitive environment for all Australian industry.

23 September 1994


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