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Make up your mind, Laurie

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John Howard

NEWS RELEASE Member for BennelongShadow Minister for Industrial Relations & Manager of Opposition Business in the House IR 49/94


The king of back-flips with double pike, Laurie Brereton, has said that I have admitted defeat.

However, he also claims that I have not changed the Coalition's industrial relations policy at all!

The Minister is obviously in two minds. His alleged political prowess should tell him he can't have it both ways. He should choose just one line.

Both conflicting lines, of course, are wrong.

All I have acknowledged is that the Coalition is reviewing the transitionary arrangements in our policy - the so-called "opt-in" versus "opt-out" choice.

It is something the Coalition reviewed before each of the last three elections. We are doing so again.

It is the Labor Party which has a monopoly of failure in industrial relations.

It is farcical for the Minister to claim that the Coalition's policy review signals failure immediately after another cave in to the unions on the Coal Industry Tribunal.