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Union tramples on rights of workers

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'dhn Howard

NEWS RELEASE Member for Bennelong"Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations & Manager of Opposition Business in the House IR 026/94


The Toys 'R' us case classically illustrates how Australia's industrial relations system is loaded in favour of the self importance of union officials and against the interests of

ordinary workers.


The action of the Union in pursuing employees of Toys week. Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees'

a federal award has robbed forty one 'R' Us of a salary increase of $40-00 a

This is the amount negotiated by the workers themselves over and above the State award previously covering them. In return, they freely conceded greater flexibility in working hours and the elimination of the annual holiday loading of

17 1/2 percent.

At every stage, the union had access to the workers who listened to what the union had to say, rejected it and voted overwhelmingly to sign a contract with their employer.

In a fit of pique, the union sought and obtained federal award coverage.

It is an outrage that both the union and. the Industrial Relations Commission should so totally disregard the interests of the workers.

What gives them the right to decide they know what is best for employees who have decided otherwise?

It is a violation of the employees' basic rights of contract. It is a sharp reminder to all Australians that, despite wordy protestations to the contrary, the industrial relations system in this country is still run by, and for, union bosses and the ACTU. Average Australian workers come a poor last.

Little wonder, therefore, that Australia's productivity performance lags woefully behind that of the rest of the industrialised world.

SYDNEY 16 June 1994