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The Industrial Relations Act is a shambles

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fan Howard

NEWS RELEASE Aémber for Bennelong3hadow Minister for Industrial Relations & Manager of Opposition Business in the House milimmimmimmomummmmimmommmmimmommorIR 022/94THE INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS ACT IS A SHAMBLESThe Industrial_ Relations Act is a shambles.That hardly is a surprise considering the way the amending Act, the Industrial Reform Act, was itself subject to about two hundred government amendments as it passed through the House of Representatives and the Senate.It is only seven weeks since the Industrial Relations Reform Act became operative yet in that seven weeks we have seen:- employers denounce the unfair dismissal provisions for their deterrent effect on those who would participate in labour market programs to increase employment and reduce unemployment;- the minister concede the need for a review of the legislation on 2UE's John Laws program;- the CFMEU threaten employers who contemplate non-union enterprise flexibility agreements with their workforce;- the CFME0 and the metals union R press traditional, industry wide claims contrary to the intent of the legislation;- the peak employer organisation, the ACC', announce its intention to lodge a complaint against the legislation with the ILO;- the states with the exception of Queensland announce their intention to combine to challenge the legislation in the High Court, and- the introduction of what probably is the first of a series of *fix up" bills, the Industrial Relations Amendment Bill No.2, to reverse the immediate abolition of junior wage rates.It is obvious Mr Brereton did not understand just how much he was being asked to deliver to the trade unions as electoral payback.COMMONWEALTHPARLIAMENT A RY LIBRARY MICAH


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To minimise the damage being done by the new Act Mr Brereton should not delay his review any longer. He should announce the details of his review program as quickly as possible.

Private, federal and state government resources devoted to an immediate review would be infinitely more constructively used

than they would be if devoted to lengthy and expensive

challenges to the Act in major Australian and international


SYDNEY 26 May 1994