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Property acquisition funding for new Bridgewater Bridge

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Property Acquisition Funding for New Bridgewater Bridge Media Release AA231/2012 07 November 2012

Funding for property acquisition to enable the future construction of a new Bridgewater Bridge was announced today by the Federal Government.

The Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Anthony Albanese, said today that the decision to provide funding of $6.4 million would give much needed certainty to affected property owners so that they could plan for the future.

“While construction of the new bridge is some years away, the important work of project planning and design development needs to continue,” he said.

“Part of that process involves the need to preserve the future footprint of the new bridge and to give certainty to the community whose property will be affected.

“Consultation with affected land-owners, stakeholders, and community has meant that this footprint has been clearly identified and we can now give these people the option to move on with certainty.”

“It is understandable that affected residents do not wish to be left in limbo for several years.

“The Federal Labor Government has stepped in at the right time to help those people who want to move, to do so.”

The Tasmanian Minister for Infrastructure, David O'Byrne, said that while the Tasmanian Government's recent Nation Building 2 submission, to be funded July 2014-June 2019, included the next phase of planning and detailed design for the new bridge, it's a great outcome to have this investment bought forward.

“I've met several property owners who want to be able to have their property acquired and move on,” Mr O'Byrne said.

“We're very pleased we'll now be able to do that.

“Our infrastructure relationship with the Federal Government has never been stronger or more productive.

“We've already secured record funding of more than $800 million for road and rail under Nation Building 1, and this latest decision is another product of that strong partnership.

“This investment offers compensation for residents who need it most, so they can get on with their lives with certainty,” he said.

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