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Brereton should condemn the union's behaviour on waterfront

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John Howard

NEWS RELEASE Member for BennelongShadow Minister for industrial Relations & Manager of Opposition Business in the HouseIR 005/94BRERETON SHOULD CONDEMN THE UNION'S BEHAVIOUR ON WATERFRONTThe Minister for rndustrial Relations should condemn the behaviour of the Maritime Union of Australia.Mr Brereton should point out that there is no legal or moral justification for the strike being mounted by the union.He should point out that the union is in breach of its awardand its agreement with Australian Stevedores.Mr Brereton should point out that the union is acting in defiance of the Industrial Relations Commission, that it is damaging Australia's only stevedoring company, that it is damaging other Australian companies whose produce must cross the wharves, and that it is harming Australia's reputation abroad once moreNot to condemn the behaviour of the union in the circumstances would risk escalation of the confrontation, which already hass p read to other ports, and the misguided involvement of the Ai anu t rest of the trade union movement.Failure to the wrong agreements.condemn the behaviour of the union would be to sendsignal to parties contemplating enterpriseIf agreements are to work, they must be enforceable at law, and tests of strength must not involve third parties.SYDNEY 17 February 1994COMMONWEALTH• PARLIAMENTARY LIBRARYMICAH