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Government must stem inflow of illegal immigrants

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ID:034196350 23 DEC'94 11:37 No.005 P.0111

Senator Jim Short •

Shadow Minister for Inirp —rigration sivvi and Ethnic Affairs -f t .„.:\ MEDIARELEASF „.Assisting the Leader on Multieultural Affairs Ive‘frioTIM EA 52/94Government Musa rtem Inflow of Illegal ImmigrantsThe increasing flow of boatpeoplefrom the Southern Chinese port of Beihai threatensthe integrity of Australia's reftig6eIrogram.Last night's arrival of a further 7 ,1j1legal immigrants, and the additional 100 expected to arrive today, will bring the number of illegal arrivals from Quangxi Province alonein recent months to almost 600.The emphasis of Australia's ... ,immigration program, including its refugee andhumanitarian program, is and must:always be, on off-shore applicants. Those who seekto arrive illegally on our shores im queue jumpers. They disadvantage those genuineoffshore applicants who have lollowed the correct procedures. This includesdiscrimination against refugees Wht• are quite clearly from war torn countries such asBosnia. The recent illegal arrivals from China are coming from a country where there isno war, no major natural disaste4.Rif any other apparent factor which would lead us to assume that they are refugees irilie . terms of the internationally agreed definition ofrefugee,The Government must send the 4 eirest possible signal that Australia is not prepared totolerate a situation where the illegal arrival of people on our shores undermines thesovereignty of our national borders and the integrity of our offshore immigrationprogram. •The Government must also, if As , not already doing so, enter into official dialogue with the Chinese Government on Wbs to stem the outflow.Melbourne,23 December 1994, . .For Further information Contact Senator Short or Richard King (03 417 1499).COMMONWEALTHPARLIAMENTARY LIBRAK , 3.t ... Att... •