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Bolkus refuses to front IRT Committee

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and Ethnic Affairs



Senator Jim Short.

Shadow Minister for Immigration I\ A A Assisting the Leader on Multicultural Affairs

IMEA 49/94


Minister Bolkus i response in the Parliament today that he will not front the Joint Standing Committee on Migration's inquiry into the appointments to the Tmmigration Review Tribunal for he has "nothing to which I have to respond” could not be further from the truth. On the face of it, Minister Bolk-us in fact has a great deal to

answer for:

• Why has he not yet provided the Committee with information vital to a complete and comprehensive investigation? He has not released the names of the 750 applicants, their resumes, and other relevant documentation.

• Why certain appointments were made contrary to the recommendations of the advisory panel?

• Why he made appointments to South Australia, Western Australia and the ACT without interview, and in South Australia appointed a personal friend to a full time position?

• Why the most productive part time members of the- NSW IRT were not reappointed, yet the least productive member, who has not handled one case in two years, has been reappointed?

• Why the documentation regarding the interview procedures, such as the Principle Member's working notes, have apparently been destroyed?

• Why so many ALP candidates have been appointed or reappointed to such lucrative Government jobs while they are campaigning for the next Victorian state election?

• Why he sacked the Victorian Senior Member, Michael Clothier, and replaced him with a non-lawyer former ALP staffer? COMMONWEALTH PARLIAMENTARY LIBRARY

• The Minister's justification for each of the appointments and non-reappointments?

The book on this sony saga has not closed.

The evidence presented to the inquiry suggests strongly that several of the important appointments were the result of party political considerations.

There is only one way in which the Minister can dispel the serious concerns about many of his appointments to the MT, and that is to appear before the inquiry as he has been requested to do.

Canberra 29 November 1994 For further information contact Senator Short (06) 277 3119