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Bolkus running scared on Migration Bill

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and Ethnic Affairs



Senator Jim Short

Shadow Minister for Immigration N A A

.tcra z

Assisting the Leader on Multicultural Affairs

1MEA 32/94

Bolkus running scared on Migration Bill

The Minister for Immigration and Ethnic Affairs, Senator Bolkus, has effectively dumped his retrospective Migration Legislation Amendment Bill (No. 2).

He effectively refused to have the Bill listed for debate this week. The Bill, which is designed to frustrate a High Court challenge to S.54RA of the Migration Act, will have only six sitting 'days to be dealt with before the High Court hearing on 12 October.

The Government knows that it is on a loser with this Bill, and that if it ever gets debated in the Parliament, Senator Bolkus' mal-administration of this area of immigration policy would be exposed.

If the Government was serious about this legislation it would have ensured that it was debated this week. Instead, realising that its objectiortable retrospective attempt to legitimise the unlawful detention

regime between 1989 and 1992 is unacceptable to the Parliament, the Government has retreated.

Canberra 2 September 1994

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