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Rwanda warning

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urge the Government to be very careful in considering Senator Bolkus' announcement on Sunday that Australia will potentially take Rwandan refugees, The Coalition recognises, and strongly supports, Australia's commitment to the worlds refugees, and it has openly supported the Government's 1994/95 target

size for the Humanitarian program of 13,000.

The crisis in Rwanda is extreme, however the settlement of Rwandan refugees in Australia is not the ideal solution. With so many Rwandans currently being displaced in neighbouring Zaire, Burundi and Tanzania the ideal .solution would be for these people to feel secure enough to return to their homes in Rwanda.

A political solution to stop the genocide must be the first step. The second step must be to feed and or care for refugees. Only as a final step should settling refugees in Australia be considered.

The cost of resettling thousands of Rwandans in Australia would be immense, and this is money would, at the moment, be better spent through aid programs which facilitated the process of voluntary repatriation and resettlement in Rwanda.

I agree with Senator Bolkus that the world cannot handle five or ten million refugees flowing out of one country. However in the event that there are Rwandans, who are granted refugee status in accordance with the United Nations

definition of "refugee", or who have suffered discrimination or other forms of human rights violations and this cannot feasibly return to Rwanda, it would be preferable r they were accommodated within the current humanitarian program. I would strongly advise against the Government setting up a Special Assistance

Category or Special Humanitarian Category for the Rwandans which exceeded the 9,000 places allocated under the current program. Such a decision Gould potentially stretch our settlement services to the limit, arid possibly deprive already

accepted refugees in Australia of the settlement services upon which they depend.

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