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Unemployment rises, manufacturing suffers

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Shadow Minister for Industry Sophie Mirabella

Unemployment rises, manufacturing suffers


Five months have passed since the Prime Minister’s Manufacturing Taskforce report was released and things are only getting worse for manufacturing.

“The Coalition has repeatedly called for immediate and decisive action on manufacturing policy from this Government,” said Sophie Mirabella, Shadow Minister for Industry, today.

“Unemployment figures out today speak for themselves. Jobs are going and all this Government can do is sit around and talk about it.

“Since the Manufacturing Taskforce last reported in August of last year, we have seen more job losses, more downsizing and more businesses closing.

“Prime Minister Gillard and Minister Combet’s much hyped Innovation and Industry Statement has been repeatedly promised but constantly deferred.”

Following the release of the Prime Minister’s Manufacturing Taskforce report, the Coalition criticised the Government for announcing yet more investigations, roundtables, conversations and forums.

“It’s a bit rich for the AWU’s Paul Howes to call for a ‘swift and drastic’ response from government on manufacturing when he’s failed to live up to his own promise of withdrawing support for the carbon tax in the event of job losses,” Mrs Mirabella said.

“What manufacturing in Australia needs is action, and action immediately.

“The Coalition has a clear plan to provide a stable Government and strong economy. We will repeal the carbon tax, cut red tape compliance costs by at least $1 billion, reduce government waste and provide business with the certainty they need to prosper,” Mrs Mirabella concluded.