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Labor fast tracks marine lock outs

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Labor Fast Tracks Marine Lock Outs

Federal Shadow Minister for Tourism and Regional Development, Bob Baldwin has called on the government to immediately extend the time and scope of Commonwealth Marine Reserves Network management review.

The government’s announcement to allow only 30 days for invitation only presentations demonstrates utter contempt and a total lack of understanding of the long term social and economic implications that these lock outs will have.

“The consultation process appears to be nothing more than window dressing and only highlights this Labor-Green government’s inability to act in the best interests of all Australians.

“Thousands of jobs and businesses throughout Australia are being jeopardised because of inconsistent and flawed policy based not on scientific rationalisation but political ineptitude and pandering to minority agendas.”

“Let’s not forget this is coming from a minister who attempted last year to give himself arbitrary powers to close down fisheries based on ‘social uncertainty’. You really have to question the ministers’ motivation and who is calling the shots in Canberra.

Commercial and recreational fishing are important economic drivers for Australia, contributing billions of dollars to the Australian economy. Many regional coastal communities around Australia rely on commercial and tourism based boating and fishing activities for their survival.

“As member for Paterson and Shadow Minister for Tourism and Regional Development, I understand only too well how important commercial and recreational fishing is to coastal communities, like Port Stephens and the Great Lakes area.”

“Australia’s marine environment is one of our greatest assets. It is only through comprehensive consultation and acknowledgment of validated scientific data that sustainable economic and environmental policy can be achieved.

“It’ time Tony Burke and the his Labor colleagues started standing up for Australians instead of bowing to their Green Coalition partners and locking Australians out of their own country.” Mr Baldwin said

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