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Labor's union bosses - Securing your job or theirs?

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Labor’s union bosses - Securing your job or theirs? Wednesday, 25 July 2012 18:08

“The ACTU has decided to slug union members $4 million in a desperate attempt to save Julia

Gillard’s Government and their own gravy train. The only jobs they are trying to secure are their own,”

Senator Abetz said today.

“This ACTU announcement follows the Coalition’s announcement of tough penalties that will make

union bosses more accountable.”

“For decades some union bosses have been riding the gravy train,” Senator Abetz said.

“Now these union bosses are forcing low paid workers to fork out even more of their hard earned

money to union bosses to secure the jobs of union bosses.”

“Labor and their union boss mates need to explain why union bosses aren’t subject to the same

penalties as company directors (5 years in prison and a $200,000 fine) for the same illegal behaviour.”

“Not only will the Coalition increase penalties to ensure union bosses who do the wrong thing face

the same penalties as company directors in the same boat, we will establish a Registered Organisations

Commission and ensure that union bosses have to act in the interests of their members.”

“The Coalition is committed to protecting the money of rank and file union members from being

misappropriated,” Senator Abetz said.

“What is the ACTU’s reaction? - It has launched a full scale attack on the only Party that will ensure

the gravy train is halted and that union bosses have to work in the interests of union members.”

“This ACTU/Labor scare campaign against the Coalition has about as much credibility at Craig

Thomson’s repeated denials that he’s done nothing wrong.”

“Workers’ best hope of secure employment is the election of a Coalition Government which when last

in office created hundreds of thousands of new jobs, successive real wage rises and the lowest level of

unemployment and disputation in more than 30 years,” Senator Abetz said.

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