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The Carbon Tax and Council Rates

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The Carbon Tax and Council Rates Thursday, 26 July 2012 12:14

Hobart City Councils recent Rates News which outlines how much more ratepayers will be slugged by

Labors Carbon Tax needs to be replicated by all Local Councils in Tasmania, Senator Abetz said today.

Hobart City Council has told ratepayers that they can expect an average rate rise of $24pa as a direct

result of the introduction of the Carbon Tax.

But thats just the tip of the iceberg, Senator Abetz said.

This is on top of huge cost increases which all Tasmanians will have to pay on everyday expenses as

the cost of manufacturing, food production and electricity goes up and up following the introduction of

Labors job destroying Carbon Tax.

The Hobart City Council Rates News highlights the Green/Labor lie that the Tax will only be paid by

big business, Senator Abetz said.

The fact is that every ratepayer will be paying it because the Council, like business, simply cant

afford to absorb this Tax slug.

I call on all Local Councils in Tasmania to take Hobart City Councils lead and detail to their ratepayers exactly how much the Green/Labor Carbon Tax is going to cost them so struggling working families

know just how much more their budgets are going to be taxed under this ill-conceived plan.

Labors representatives in Tasmania (all of which were elected on the promise that there would be no Carbon Tax at all) need to also explain to ratepayers how much more struggling working families will

have to pay if Labors Green Alliance partners get their way and increase the price of Carbon.

The Coalition is committed to repealing Labors crippling Carbon Tax and if we are given the responsibility of forming Government by the Australian people at the next election then getting rid of

the Green/Labor Carbon Tax will be the first item on the agenda, Senator Abetz said.

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