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Labor still in denial over Thomson

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Labor Still in Denial over Thomson Wednesday, 01 August 2012 16:29

Labors systematic and deliberate failure to support Fair Work Australias findings in relation to Craig

Thomson and the HSU is another gross example of Labors protection racket for Craig Thomson, Senator Abetz said today.

When asked on notice whether the Government supports the findings of Fair Work Australias report

into the Health Service Union we are told: it is a matter for the Courts to determine whether the

breaches of the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009 or the rules of the HSU have occurred.

If this answer is to be believed then it begs the question, what does FWA actually do?

According to Labor FWA cant prepare a brief of evidence for the Director of Public Prosecutions and it

can report the matter to the police. So what is its role?

Labor is hiding behind obfuscation and disingenuity in a desperate bid to keep the Government alive.

FWA has spent 3 years and millions of taxpayers dollars and made 181 findings yes they were called


And Labor simply sidesteps the issue. If Labor doesnt accept the findings, why has Labor said Mr

Thomson wont be re-endorsed? Why was he asked to leave Caucus?

This lack of integrity and consistency by Labor highlights Labors moral bankruptcy, apart from its

policy void and administrative incompetency, Senator Abetz said.

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