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CFMEU bosses continue in defiance of the law

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CFMEU Bosses Continue in Defiance of the Law Wednesday, 29 August 2012 13:01

The CFMEU bosses are continuing their illegal industrial action in Melbourne despite Supreme Court

Orders, and now the militancy has spread to Sydney. This comes just months after Labor abolished the

tough cop on the beat - the Australian Building and Construction Commission - that created a $6.2

billion economic welfare gain to the economy as well as cut militancy and increased productivity.

“Just months after Labor rolled back the Pacific Solution, we witnessed an onslaught of boats coming

to our shores. Likewise, just months after Labor abolished the ABCC, the union boss thugs are back

with images not seen since the 90’s,” Senator Abetz said today.

“The union bosses have become so brazen that they are now sitting down to coffee with gangland

figures featured in Underbelly.”

“The Coalition established the ABCC after the Cole Royal Commission, Labor and the Greens

abolished it to keep their union boss mates happy - putting their party political and fundraising

interests ahead of the national interest.”

“The only way to stop the kinds of thuggery, illegality and militancy is to re-establish the ABCC with

all of its powers. Australian workers have the right to go to work without fear of intimidation or

thuggery - in Melbourne and Sydney today there are men and women who cannot go to work and get

on with the job for fear of being labelled a ‘scab’ or violently attacked, just for going to work,” Senator


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