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Australia Day message 2013

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We have good cause to celebrate our land, our people, our diversity, culture, freedom, democracy and belief in a fair go for all. But there are challenges this Australia Day 2013 and there are issues looming we should not ignore.

Australia has weathered the international sovereign debt crisis so far, but we are not immune and in the coming few years we will be hurt financially as customer nations struggle to repair their economies.

The party is over. If nations don’t live within their means, their future generations will be forced to endure high levels of unemployment and poverty.

In Australia, we must also be alert to the consequences of unfunded or deficit government spending. A simple rule to boost government revenues is not to increase taxes but to improve our national productivity and increase employment.

Essential belt-tightening around the world because of the sovereign debt crisis will have long term impact on our national accounts, tourism and export of food, minerals and manufactured products.

Individual Australians can help preserve our regional economies by buying Australian where they can and holidaying locally to help our tourism and services sectors.

On this Australia Day 2013 across Mallee Electorate, there are many fine examples of those who came to our wonderful country to build a future for themselves and their families and today, we congratulate those additional people becoming Australian citizens today who will further enrich our culture.

It is this enterprise, caring for others and faith in our communities that we must preserve. One of our great challenges in this regard is to establish, with precious available funds, a national disability insurance scheme. It is very Australian to care for those less fortunate than the majority.

Australia Day ambassadors around the nation have been invited to speak of their achievements driven by many factors including ambition, enterprise, innovation, belief and compassion towards others.

Their examples are an indication of what we all can achieve in continuing the dream of more than a century of Australians sharing our unique Australian system of Westminster democracy, our constitution and our flag.

Australia Day is an opportunity to celebrate our great nation and especially our Australian service men and women, including those currently overseas, who have traditionally defended our values, freedom, lifestyle and security.

Our challenge is to preserve and enhance all these things we treasure in any adversity we are forced to endure.