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Commonsense Barclay Decision is Welcome

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Commonsense Barclay Decision is Welcome Friday, 07 September 2012 12:12

“The High Court’s unanimous judgement today in the Barclay v. Bendigo Tafe case on adverse action

is welcome as it demonstrates that union bosses shouldn’t be an untouchable class in the workplace,”

Senator Abetz said today.

“The Coalition has long said that it hoped commonsense would prevail in this case and it is indeed

very welcome that it has.”

“This decision will provide some much needed comfort to the employers who have to put up with

thuggish behaviour from some union bosses often on a daily basis.”

“It is highly disappointing that Labor intervened in the High Court on the side of the union boss, Mr

Barclay, arguing that it was the intention of the Fair Work Act to make union bosses untouchable even

if they did the wrong thing.”

“Mr Shorten couldn’t even bring himself to admit that he got it wrong when Labor’s skewed review of

the Fair Work Act recently recommended for changes to the law to ensure the Barclay case isn’t


“I congratulate the Victorian Government on having the courage to intervene on behalf of Bendigo

Tafe and to see this matter through.”

“Once again, Mr Shorten has drawn attention to the fact that he is union boss first and Minister of

the Crown second - to the detriment of individual workers and the national interest.”

“Following this welcome judgement, I hope that Mr Shorten can find it within himself to condemn

union bosses who do the wrong thing - whether it be Mr Barclay or the union bosses at the CFMEU,”

Senator Abetz said

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