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ALP/Green alliance refuse release of Craig Thomson and HSU Documents

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ALP/Green Alliance Refuse Release of Craig Thomson and HSU Documents Wednesday, 12 September 2012 19:27

The combined vote of the ALP/Green Alliance Senators has denied Australians access to 7 volumes of

documentation underpinning the findings against Mr Thomson MP and the Health Services Union.

The 7 volumes of documentation were presented to a Senate Committee at the same time as the

explosive Fair Work Australia Report which made 181 findings against Mr Thomson and the HSU.

“Moves to have the documents released failed despite Senators Xenophon and Madigan of the

Democratic Labor Party voting with the Coalition,” Senator Abetz said.

“The Greens have now destroyed what little credibility they have left by protecting the Government

and Mr Thomson from the release of this material.”

“Senator Fierravanti-Wells has read all the documentation and I have read some. The documentation

is clearly in the public interest.”

“Because of the parliamentary rules Senator Fierravanti-Wells and I are not at liberty to disclose the

content,” Senator Abetz said.

“As a result we cannot comment on whether if some of the documents were properly construed

further findings could be made against Mr Thomson and the HSU.”

“This is a shameful cover up by a desperate government.”

“All the promises of open government are now just another shabby broken promise left in tatters by

the Green/ALP Alliance,” Senator Abetz said.

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