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Green destruction needs to stop

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Green Destruction Needs to Stop Friday, 14 September 2012 10:49

The latest stance by Labor’s Alliance partners the Greens’ fellow travellers to stop a mine is just

another example of the destruction and havoc by their extremism.

Not content with stopping renewable hydro energy, sustainable forestry, conservative fish quotas,

expansion of fish farms and tourism developments we now have them stopping mining.

The pathetic capitulation by Labor over hydro, forestry and fishing has emboldened an extreme

group even further because their agenda always requires something to campaign against.

Our state is in recession, we have the highest unemployment rate in the Nation, our budget is in

deficit and the debt burden is mounting.

We have hydro, forestry and fishing expertise which is sought out all over the world yet the Greens

hash our reputation and jobs and consign our state to a future without hope, reward and opportunity.

Sadly, Labor is in cahoots with this extremism just so Labor can stay in power.

Traditional Labor voters are left scratching their heads as Ms Giddings presides over this destruction

of our jobs and sustainable economic wellbeing whilst pursuing a destructive social agenda to further

appease her Green Alliance partners.

The Liberal Party is committed to a balanced formulation that puts people first. If you put people first

- you know you can balance social, economic and environmental concerns without bankrupting the

state, having the state in recession with the largest unemployment queues in the country.

The Liberals have a better way.

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