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Victorian Government forced to step in where Shorten won't

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Victorian Government forced to step in where Shorten won’t Monday, 17 September 2012 13:47

The Victorian Government is to be commended for giving its Construction Code Compliance Unit

terms of reference for an urgent report on unionist behaviour at the Grocon blockades and the use of

violence, intimidation or harassment in the industry.

“While Labor has been hopelessly compromised by the CFMEU’s $1.7 million donation in 2010 alone,

the Victorian Coalition Government has been prepared to draw a line in the sand to stop thuggery,

violence and illegality by union bosses,” Senator Abetz said today.

“Unlawful blockades, intimidation, violence and thuggery have no place in any workplace but Labor

took great pride in abolishing the tough cop on the beat that put a stop to it previously, the Australian

Building and Construction Commission.”

“The Coalition will eagerly await the Construction Code Compliance Unit’s report that will look at

possible involvement of organised crime within the building industry, the current state of the industry's

compliance with legal obligations, the impact of recent changes to the national code's guidelines and

the abolition of the ABCC.”

“It is a sad indictment of Mr Shorten and Labor that they have refused to stand up for working

Australians who have been the subject of a destructive campaign at the hands of their own union

bosses,” Senator Abetz said.

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