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CFMEU members should be asking why

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CFMEU members should be asking why Friday, 21 September 2012 09:32

Members of the CFMEU should be asking their union bosses why they approved the illegal industrial

action at Grocon sites that has seen tens of thousands of dollars in member’s fees forked out for legal

costs and now possibly a further $10.5 million to cover Grocon’s losses.

“Grocon’s tough stance against illegality and thuggery is commendable and the action today to

recoup the cost of CFMEU boss sanctioned actions shows once again that union bosses are prepared to

use member’s funds as their own plaything,” Senator Abetz said today.

“If the CFMEU bosses were genuinely interested in furthering workers’ rights, they would work within

the law and use members’ dues for proper purposes, instead of setting them aside to cover the costs

of unlawful activities and million dollar donations to the Australian Labor Party.”

“The only way to ensure that the CFMEU bosses remain accountable and act within the law is to

restore the Australian Building and Construction Commission with its former powers.”

“Only the Coalition is prepared to stand up for union members against union bosses who do the

wrong thing,” Senator Abetz concluded.

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