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Pontville Detention Centre - "never closed" and ambulance trips at $50,000 each

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Pontville Detention Centre - “Never Closed” and Ambulance trips at $50,000 each Tuesday, 16 October 2012 13:28

“Senate Estimates last night revealed that technically the Labor Government has never closed the

Pontville Detention Centre saying it has been maintained on a contingency basis,” Senator Abetz said


“As a result taxpayers are funding the continuing operations without a single detainee.”

“Further, $543,000 was allocated to the Tasmanian Ambulance Service for what turned out to be 11

trips - a cost of $49,363.00 per trip,” Senator Abetz said.

“This wanton waste that represents Labor’s disastrous Border Protection Policy explains why literally

billions of dollars are haemorrhaging from the budget and why Labor is facing a $120 billion black


“The only silver lining is - that if government money is to be wasted, it might as well happen in


“But no one should be under any illusion - this is borrowed money which will need to be repaid,”

Senator Abetz said.

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