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Labor's rush leads to wrong debate

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Labor's rush leads to wrong debate Wednesday, 31 October 2012 14:09

Labor's decision to rush amendments to the Fair Work Act through the Parliament less than 24 hours

after introducing them into the Parliament has backfired as Labor Members spoke to the wrong Bill.

“Senior Labor Backbencher Stephen Jones gave a 13 minute oration on the wrong Bill, (The Fair

Work Transfer of Business Bill) continuing even after this was drawn to his attention by Coalition

Members,” Senator Abetz said today.

“This embarrassingly inept performance by a former trade union boss just proves how rushed and ill

prepared Labor is, despite having all the resources of Government at their disposal.”

“The Parliament was given less than 24 hours to consider over 300 pages of amending legislation.”

“Bill Shorten is so desperate to be seen doing something - after union bosses vetoed many of his

skewed Review's 'no-brainer' recommendations - he's completely confusing his own colleagues."

“This rushed and shambolic situation could have been avoided if the Government treated the

Parliament with some respect and allowed detailed consideration by all Members - including the

Government Backbench.”

“I look forward to hearing Mr Jones' speech on this Bill later in the day on a separate Bill,” Senator

Abetz said.

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