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Puffing (Bluffing) Billy' caught out on Penalty Rates

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‘Puffing (Bluffing) Billy’ caught out on Penalty Rates Friday, 09 November 2012 14:43

Chief coal shoveller onboard the union gravy train, ‘Bluffing Billy’, Bill Shorten, got caught out this

morning on Melbourne radio when he defiantly asserted that the idea that 18 year olds earn $45 in

penalty rates is a myth.

Here’s Bill Shorten on 3AW with Neil Mitchell and Joe Hockey.

Shorten: “This idea that there’s this cashed up, pocket rich generation running around getting $45

every hour they get up and go to work is not true. That is a Liberal myth.”

Hockey: “Are you saying that no one, no 18 year old working on a Sunday morning, is being paid $45

an hour.”

Shorten: “I tell you what mate if you can find me more than a dozen I’ll shout you a cup of tea.”

Perhaps you should have read the tea leaves Bill because a short time later……

Caller: …. “My daughter worked in a call centre on Cup day and she was on $47 an hour as a result

of it.”

Mitchell: “How old is she?”

Caller: “Eighteen years old.”

Embarrassed … Apologetic? Oh no, not ‘Bluffing Billy’ - he just ploughed right along. His response…

oh well “Cup day comes once a year.”

“One would think that the Workplace Relations Minister might have some idea about what’s really

going on in the workplace, but apparently not,” Senator Abetz said.

“This is further evidence Mr Shorten is out of touch with his own laws and the impact they have on

small and medium enterprises.”

“I’d remind the Minister that he should stop playing union official and start being a Minister of the

Crown,” Senator Abetz said.

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