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Labor misrepresentation won't change the facts

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Labor misrepresentation won’t change the facts Monday, 26 November 2012 12:24

“Labor’s deliberate misrepresentation of the Coalition’s Private Members Bill to increase penalties and

obligations for the bosses of registered organisations shows an out-of-touch Government clutching at

straws,” Senator Abetz said today.

Labor’s Anthony Albanese this morning said that the Coalition voted against the government’s so-called ‘tough’ penalties for union bosses doing the wrong thing.

False - The Coalition did not oppose the Bill and made this clear in the debate. It was the

Government which, in the debate of the Bill, voted with Craig Thomson to cap penalties at $6,600 for

union bosses who do the wrong thing.

Labor’s Andrew Leigh this morning said that the Coalition would halve the penalty for fraud.

False - The Coalition’s Private Members Bill will bring penalties and obligations in line with those of

the Corporations Act. This will have no effect whatsoever on the existing penalties for other offences,

including fraud. Those offences will continue to exist under the criminal law that applies throughout the


“The Coalition does not believe there should be any difference between a union boss who rips off

union members’ money to that of a company executive who rips off a shareholder,” Senator Abetz


“The Coalition also welcomes the support for the Bill from trade union bosses such as Paul Howes.”

“It’s time for Labor to stop the protection racket for union bosses who do the wrong thing and start

standing up for workers who invest their hard earned money in registered organisations.”

“Mr Albanese’s inaccurate comments today are a measure of Labor’s desperation in so much as they

are now resorting to such deliberate misrepresentation of the facts, Senator Abetz said.

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