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Gillard running out of excuses

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Gillard Running Out of Excuses Wednesday, 12 December 2012 07:18

Revelations that the Prime Minister not only set up an Australian Workers Union slush-fund 20 years

ago, but that she was the guest speaker at the inaugural fundraising lunch just four years ago at

another such AWU slush-fund which generated $250,000 shows that slush-funds are in the ALP’s DNA.

Ms Gillard’s lame excuse that she didn’t know what the monies would be used for sounds like her

pathetic obfuscation about her involvement in establishing a slush-fund 20 years ago - her excuse

being she was “young and naïve”.

“Ms Gillard and Mr Shorten have failed to disclose their involvement with this latest AWU slush-fund

despite the intense scrutiny of such funds in recent times. This is consistent with the culture of cover-up that senior Labor figures engage in when it comes to inappropriate union slush-funds,” Senator

Abetz said today.

“Ms Gillard and Mr Shorten’s personal involvement in this latest slush-fund explains why they are so

unwilling to support the Coalition’s move to stamp out these slush-funds and make union bosses more


“We have Mr Shorten telling the Australian people that slush-funds are inappropriate, yet he attends

fundraisers for slush-funds.”

“The fact monies raised were used in the Health Service Unions elections only three years ago also

provides a possible explanation of why Labor has failed to act decisively with the Craig Thomson and

Health Services Union scandal.”

“The best protection union members have against trade union bosses is to elect a Coalition

Government which is committed to cleaning up these activities.”

“Just when Fair Work Australia is starting to crack down on union bosses who do the wrong thing,

Fair Work Australia is facing significant cuts as revealed in documents obtained by my office under

Freedom of Information laws.

“To make matters worse, Fair Work Australia is being expected to fund two additional Vice Presidents

at $1.5 million per year and an expensive name change all within their current funding envelope.”

“Fair Work Australia is Ms Gillard’s own creation and now Labor are undermining the independence of

the tribunal to try and protect their union boss mates from greater accountability,” Senator Abetz


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