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Transcript of joint Doorstop Interview: Sydney: September 27, 2012: Julia Gillard's carbon tax; Barnaby Joyce; Mark Latham; NRL Grand Final 2012; AFL Grand Final 2012; Peter Slipper

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Joint Doorstop Interview, Sydney September 27, 2012

Subjects: Julia Gillard’s carbon tax; Barnaby Joyce; Mark Latham; NRL Grand Final 2012; AFL Grand Final 2012; Peter Slipper.



I want to say how grateful I am to Harry Peters and the team at MPM Seafoods for making myself and Professor Michael Feneley, the Coalition candidate for Kingsford Smith so welcome. As I’ve been saying, I am on a mission to rebuild this country, to rebuild

families’ budgets by ending Labor’s taxes, to rebuild the infrastructure that families use by ending Labor’s neglect, to rebuild our border security by stopping Labor's boats and, above all else, to rebuild trust by ending Labor's lies.

Now, it is in businesses like this right around Australia where Labor's lies are having the most impact right now. This is the carbon

tax that the Prime Minister said would never happen and it is now impacting on costs, on jobs and on families' standard of living. A business like this is suffering the triple whammy thanks to Julia Gillard's carbon tax: much higher electricity prices, astronomical

increases in refrigerant gases and after 2014 in particular, very substantial increases in transport costs, should this government get re-elected, all because of this toxic tax based on a lie.

Right around Australia, but particularly in western Sydney right now, families are noticing their power bills have just gone up and

up and up. In western Sydney, some 80 per cent of the increase is due to the carbon tax. In Queensland, almost 100 per cent of the increase in families' power bills is due to the carbon tax. It is just getting worse and what people are starting to understand is

that this is an octopus embracing the whole of our economy. Every time you turn on a light, you pay. Every time you open your fridge, you pay. Every time you buy a cup of coffee, you pay and as is obvious after a visit like this, every time you buy a piece of

fish, at the supermarket or elsewhere, you pay because of Labor's carbon tax.

It’s interesting to see the reaction from this government over the last few weeks. Anyone who has been watching the Prime Minister and the Environment Minister in the Parliament - they think the carbon tax doesn't matter. They think the carbon tax

hasn't hurt. Well, you know what that means? That means taxes are going up. Any government that thinks that it has got away with the carbon tax is going to put up taxes again and again and again. We saw some of it flagged in the paper today. They are

going to increase taxes on your superannuation in order to plug the $120 billion budget black hole which is growing bigger by the day under this government. These are class war taxes from a government that just doesn't understand the desire of ordinary

Australian families to get ahead. It just gets worse and worse from this government. The poison just gets worse and worse from this government and the only way to get rid of the poison, the only way to get rid of the deception is to change the government.

Now, I am going to ask Professor Feneley to say a few words. Before he does, I want to say how very proud I am to be standing

beside Professor Michael Feneley. He’s an outstanding clinician. He’s an outstanding researcher. We have got some really remarkable Australians running for the Coalition in the upcoming election. I couldn't ask for a better candidate here in Kingsford

Smith and I know that if the electors of Kingsford Smith want someone who has their interests at heart, someone who has served this community and the wider community for a lifetime, well, Michael Feneley is their man.


Thanks very much. I just wanted to say that I am running against Peter Garrett in Kingsford Smith because I am convinced that

this is such an important centre for the nation's economy. This is a major centre for small business, for industry and all of those industries and small businesses, plus the people of Kingsford Smith that Peter Garrett is supposed to represent are all suffering

because of this tax. I am committed to the repeal of the tax and to see some improvement in the lives of the people at Kingsford Smith but also the opportunities for business here.

Businesses like this are suffering. When I travel around Botany, this area which has been such an important industrial centre, it’s

really been very much depressed by the impact of the carbon tax, electricity prices. When I go doorknocking, I also see that people complain to me about their recent electricity bills. We know that this is a tax that is programmed to ratchet up. The whole

design of the tax is that it’s to increase. So, people complaining about their business bills now, their electricity bills now, you wait

Tony Abbott Federal Member for Warringah | Leader of the Opposition

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for another year of running and then another year. We’re going to see a major increase in the impact on peoples' lives but also on businesses and a really important light industrial and commercial centre like Botany and like Kingsford Smith generally, there's

just a major impact on the local economy and this can be easily undone by repealing this tax.

Thank you.


Thanks Michael. Ok, do we have any questions?


Mr Abbott, are you disappointed you won't have Barnaby Joyce in the Lower House?


I am going to have Barnaby Joyce campaigning right around Australia. Particularly, I am going to have him campaigning in rural and regional Queensland and the great thing about Barnaby's decision to stay in the Senate is that he will remain a national voice.

If Barnaby was running for Maranoa at the next election, almost inevitably he would be taken out of the main national campaign.


Mr Abbott, why is Mark Latham telling federal Labor to muckrake, essentially, on your past? Is that something that we’re going to see more of towards the election from both sides of politics now, more personal attacks?


We have said all along that Labor has form here. Look at the filth that tainted the Queensland election campaign as Labor threw

buckets of mud at Campbell Newman and his family. The point I have made to Margie and the kids is that they can expect more and more of this as polling day draws near. Now, I think Mark Latham is the last person that the Government should be taking

advice from but frankly, I don't think they needed his advice to run a filthy campaign because that’s in their blood.


Mr Abbott, was Mr Joyce talked out of running for the Lower House because it wouldn't be a good look to have him as a potential deputy prime minister?


Barnaby has decided that in the interests of a smooth and harmonious team, he was going to stay in the Senate and I am really

pleased that I am going to have Barnaby campaigning right across Queensland and right across the country. If, on the other hand, Barnaby had been contesting Maranoa for the first time, inevitably he would be in hamlets in western Queensland, as the

candidate for Maranoa inevitably and necessarily must be. But I want Barnaby involved in the national campaign and that’s where he will be thanks to this decision.


Who are you tipping to win in the NRL Grand Final this weekend?


Well, I’m disappointed that the Sea Eagles aren't there. They were there last year and they had a magnificent win but the Bulldogs

have taken our coach and so I am tipping the Bulldogs to win the NRL Grand Final by four points.


And the AFL?


I am tipping the Swannies to win by two goals. They have had a pretty good season. They are obviously going to be the underdogs but nevertheless, I think they are a good team and I think Australians love an underdog and let's hope they can bring

home the trophy.

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Are you suggesting that it takes a change of leadership to win, in the case of Des Hasler and the Bulldogs?


Look, I think that football is sui generis, so to speak, and I think that Des has brought the same very, very great technical and

motivational skills to Canterbury-Bankstown that he had long deployed at Manly-Warringah and good luck to the Bulldogs for doing so well under such an outstanding coach.


Is football like politics?


Look, there are all sorts of sporting parallels but in the end, every business, every sport, every walk of life is unique and you can

only take the parallels so far.


Does it concern you that Peter Slipper is apparently still gallivanting around the world on taxpayer dollars when these allegations are hanging over his head?


Look, that’s really a matter for him. My position is that there is no way he should come back into the Chair until all of these

allegations are fully resolved.


Is it a bad look for the nation? There are Labor and Liberal MPs who are saying it’s almost embarrassing that he’s being allowed to do this. As Opposition Leader, do you think it is a bad look for the country?


Again, this is really matter for the Prime Minister. He is only the Speaker because the Prime Minister, in a ruthless exercise in

number-crunching, put him into the Chair. Now, what we saw there was another illustration of the fact that people can't trust this Prime Minister. Kevin Rudd couldn't trust Julia Gillard over the prime ministership. The Australian people couldn't trust Julia Gillard

over the carbon tax. Harry Jenkins couldn't trust Julia Gillard over the Speakership and, really, Peter Slipper is Julia Gillard's man and if he's doing the wrong thing, Julia Gillard needs to answer for it.


Mr Abbott, I understand WA MPs are still very unhappy about the wheat deregulation issue. Are you worried any of them will cross

the floor?


Look, Tony Crook has indicated a position. Tony Crook is not a member of the Coalition party room. I understand that there are arguments on both sides of this particular issue. We have made a judgment call and, as Julie Bishop has said publicly on a

number of occasions lately, we want a managed transition for this important industry and we don't think that a managed transition is what they are going to get from a government with a track record that is incompetent and untrustworthy.

Thank you.


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