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Speech at Dandenong Jobs and Skills Expo

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Dandenong Jobs and Skills Expo

12 April 2012


Well, thank you very much Mark.

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen. I say it’s a great pleasure to be here with

you today, to see so many people coming out today. And I want to thank you all very

much for your participation.

For people looking for work, for people that are offering work. For our various

government agencies, that are here. For all the folks that want to help make sure that we keep Dandenong a strong and vibrant community. This is the backbone, the

backbone of this great country, that places like this.

The fact is that a blue collar community like Dandenong, which is under incredible

pressure at the moment, because of the situation within manufacturing. We know we have to do more to work with you, to make sure that everyone in this country is able

enjoy the benefits of the wealth that this country has to offer. And with that in mind we have to acknowledge that these programs actually work. Across Australia some

seventeen thousand people have been able to secure work through arrangements like

we see here today.

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We know that in this area that for every job there’s about thirteen people looking for work. So we understand that our job is to work with you to ensure that we can maintain

the prosperity for everyone in this country. I look forward to this, a jobs forum being so

successful, I’m looking forward to hearing the reports of the thousand or so people that will get work as a result of today’s activities. And I thank you once again for your

participation in this event. Thank you.

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