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Parliamentarians must back our police to find the truth

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12 November 2012


INDEPENDENT Lyne MP Rob Oakeshott says the coercive powers of the Royal Commission Act 1902 should be used to get to the truth of child sexual assault allegations if police investigations are being hampered.

“If police are unable to conduct their inquiries into child sexual abuse for any reason, then the Parliament should back the police and provide them with the coercive powers they need to do their job and find the truth,” Mr Oakeshott said.

“The Parliament has the powers of a Royal Commission or Special Commission of Inquiry and should back the Police in collecting evidence and finding the truth.

“No one person, or institution, should be above the full investigative powers of the law in Australia, particularly when the victims are children.

“And we all should be deeply concerned when the powerful and politically influential interfere in police investigations.

“This is therefore a test for all Parliaments throughout Australia.

“We either back our Police to find the truth, or we don’t.

“We need to give them whatever investigative powers they require to determine truth from fiction in sexual abuse cases within our community.

“And if this means providing Royal Commission powers that allow for warrants to be issued for the giving of evidence under oath, and the forcing of people to provide documents, then this is a path I strongly endorse,” Mr Oakeshott said.


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